Silverdale Horse & Saddlery Sale.

6th April 2019.

Note: We will upload photos as we receive bookings for horses. Please be aware that only a very small minority of horses / gear booked in for the sale will have photos or info provided to us prior to the sale.

PLEASE NOTE! We will be doing phone bidding on horses at this auction. To be able to phone bid you must first contact our office and register by getting a bidder card, you will need 100 points ID Drivers license etc. Must give valid credit card information.
* After purchase the horse(s) is your responsibility, feed, water, transport, etc...
{please note horse(s) must be transported before the by the end of the following day}
* After purchase of any saddlery or other items, it is your responsibility to organise transport of the item or postage.

We are Also accepting Pre-Bids

Phone Bidding: - How to register: - Fill out the form provided Pre-Register to bid or
* Ring T&C Auctions to register - to create a bid card, Name, Address, Email, Contact Phone Number
* Present 100 points ID - Driver Licence, medi care card, pastport etc.
* Payment is made by Credit Card or Debit Card Only ( cards will be validated)
* Purchaser must Arrange Cartage and Yarding etc..

Please register before the Auction!!!

Kim - 0488200789

NEWS FLASH - New Bookings
SADDLES: We have had a large range of QUALITY Aussie made fender saddles booked in! Various sizes and all in GC plus some USA made western saddles. More to arrive on the day that are not pictured here in our sale album as well.

HORSES: We have a large amount of privately owned quality registered QH's booked as well as some QH and ASH bred young stock. These horses are genuine sales from private sellers that are drought affected. There will most definitely be some genuine buys at this sale!

Looking to be a huge sale! Something for everyone and every budget! Phone 0488 200 789 for further details or bookings

* Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS / Credit Card payments accepted - No credit card / EFT fees!
* Payment MUST be made on the day - This is NON negotiable.
* Horses MUST be collected on the day of the sale.
* NO GST ADDED - Any GST will be included in the knockdown price.
* 10% Buyers premium applies to all Lots sold.
* $ 10 Yard Fee's on all Horses
* 8.8% Commission on all horse lots Sold
* 15% Commission on all Saddlery Items Sold
* 10% Commission on all Saddles Sold
* NOTE that horses MUST have a correctly filled out WAYBILL or HORSE MOVEMENT DECLARATION when arriving at the saleyards - No exceptions

Phone: Kim - 0488200789, Brian - 0417754114


You MUST arrive at the Saleyards with a filled in WAYBILL / HORSE MOVEMENT FORM and provide a PIC number on this form. This is a DPI requirement and they will be there on the day to make sure these rules are enforced Pic numbers, if you do not have one, they are available to be processed at this DPI

Waybills / Horse Movement Forms specifically for Silverdale Horse Sale are available to be printed out below:

* Full Name
* Address
* Email
* Phone Number
* Please check

* Brief Description of horse/s, age, height, breeding & discipline - Saddles, size, brand etc
Photos / Reg papers etc for each horse if supplying for pre-advertising
* You have read & agreed to the terms & conditions of this sale
* I understand there is Yard Fee due of $15.00 per horse payable whether my horse sells or not.
* I understand that I am able to place a RESERVE on my horse/s or saddlery. I must notify booking agent when delivering my horse / gear to saleyards.
* I understand there is NO booking or yard fee for any saddles / saddlery
* I understand commision is 8.8% for horses, 10% for saddles and 15% for saddlery items?
* I understand all horses / gear are sold with GST included in knockdown price if applicable?
* Reserve

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