Frequently Asked Questions

Q: After I purchase a horse from Auction how do I go about transporting over the Tick Line?

A: There is a few options, depending on which way you are travelling.

Kirra: They are Open 6am to 8pm everyday - (07)55364714
Best to call prior to make arrangements. Recommend to notify when travelling empty.

Available Monday to Friday and by appointment on Saturday & Sunday - 0457984150

Aratula: Available Monday to Friday and by appointment on Saturday & Sunday must be before 5pm - 0448365937

Coolabunia: Only open Monday to Firday - 0418477096

Mobile Tick Management: Julie Springthorpe - 0427993266 (based at Beaudesert)

+ What are the commision rates / fees at Horse Sales for sellers?
+ What are the commision rates / fees at Clearance Sales for sellers?
+ How can I pay for my purchase/s?
+ Are there any other fees that buyer's need to know about?
- Can I place a Reserve on my Item or Horse that I am selling?

Yes - you most certainly can. Please let the staff at Town and Country Auctions know when you are booking your horse or Item in. You can also let the Auctioneer know when you ride into the RIDDEN HORSE sale ring. Remember - A Reserve price is not what you want to get but the absolute MIN you will accept. We will not sell your item under your reserve. We will always try to sell your item the best way we can for you. Example: If you would accept $2000 for your horse and list $2500 as your reserve we will not sell your horse for $2400 so you could lose out on a sale if you price your reserve too high.

+ When can I arrive at Gympie Sale with my Horse?
+ Do I need a waybill or Horse Movement Declaration to sell my horse?

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