Pre-Book horses /saddles for Gympie HORSE SALE

Nominations are OPEN for ridden horses and Penned Horses.

* Full Name
* Address
* Email
* Phone Number
* Please check

* Brief Description of horse/s, age, height, breeding & discipline - Saddles, size, brand etc
Photos / Reg papers etc for each horse if supplying for pre-advertising
* You have read & agreed to the terms & conditions of this sale
* I understand there is Yard Fee due of $15.00 per horse payable whether my horse sells or not.
* I understand that I am able to place a RESERVE on my horse/s or saddlery. I must notify booking agent when delivering my horse / gear to saleyards.
* I understand there is NO booking or yard fee for any saddles / saddlery
* I understand commision is 8.8% for horses, 10% for saddles and 15% for saddlery items?
* I understand all horses / gear are sold with GST included in knockdown price if applicable?
* Reserve

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