Pre-Book horses /saddles for Gympie HORSE SALE

Nominations are closed for ridden horses, still can book for penned horses.

Caboolture nominations are Open for the 23rd March, See link Caboolture Triangle Horse Sale to book.

* Full Name
* Address
* Email
* Phone Number
* Please check

* Brief Description of horse/s, age, height, breeding & discipline - Saddles, size, brand etc
Photos / Reg papers etc for each horse if supplying for pre-advertising
* You have read & agreed to the terms & conditions of this sale
* I understand there is Yard Fee due of $10.00 per horse payable whether my horse sells or not.
* I understand that I am able to place a RESERVE on my horse/s or saddlery. I must notify booking agent when delivering my horse / gear to saleyards.
* I understand there is NO booking or yard fee for any saddles / saddlery
* I understand commision is 8.8% for horses, 10% for saddles and 15% for saddlery items?
* I understand all horses / gear are sold with GST included in knockdown price if applicable?
* Reserve

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